In museum was held lection

On 28th April, 2017 People's Artist of Azerbaijan Republic, highly qualified fine art restorer, a chief of the scientific restoration department Natig Safarov gave a detailed account of the methods of differentiation at the lection called “Copy?Original?”. Restorer who gives a new life to art works shared his experience and told about stages of restoration and conservation. At the end of the lection Natig Safarov answered all the questions of the participants.


The opening of personal anniversary exhibition of People's Artist Altay Gadzhiev

On 14th April  under joint organization of  Azerbaijan National Museum of Art and Union of the Artists in Azerbaijan National Museum of Art was held the opening of  personal anniversary exhibition of People's Artist Altay Gadzhiev .

Deputy Director of Azerbaijan National Museum of Art Khadija Asadova greeted  Azerbaijani outstanding artist and famous art workers who took part  in the exhibition and congratulated the notable artist on behalf of the Azerbaijan National Museum of Art Chingiz Farzaliyev.

Chairman of the Union of Artists Farhad Khalilov made a speech about  creative life of the artist .In his speech told  that  Altay Gadzhiev is the great intellectual, cultural and social figure, a true patriot, and that he was proud of the fact that among contemporary artists  we have so creative person.

People's Artist Arif Guseynov told about  the sincere friendship between the artist and noted  his great experience as a well-known artist and active public figure.

During the speech Chief  keeper of Azerbaijan National Museum Naila Ragimova and artist`s son Addis Gadzhiev wished him success in  his creative work.

Then artist  showed  gratitude to all people who took part in the exhibition ,his friends and noted that will continue creative activities  in the future.

There are represented  more than  70 paintings and graphic works of artist:  “Karabakh`s horses”,  “Baku Boulevard”,  “Oil fields”, “Thought”, “ Baku night” , “Natavan`s world”, two banks of the Araz river” and so on.

The exhibition will last till the 17th April.


Within the framework of “Month of Enlightenment was held the event

On 14th April within the framework of “Month of Enlightenment” in Azerbaijan National Museum of Art was held the interesting event for children.  At the event was read interesting story, published by “3 apples” children's Literature sector of TEAS Press Publishing House. The artist-illustrator told about the illustration painting techniques. The editor of the magazine Aysel Zahidgizi noted that the illustrations made by the children will be printed in the next issue of magazine “Qaranquş”. To small lovers of reading books were given children's books from “3 apples” children's Literature sector and the “Qaranquş” magazine. The small musicians of music school named after Kara Karayev performed compositions. Then children participated in special interactive excursion in the halls of "Ancient Azerbaijan".


The title of Honorary Professor was awarded to Director of National Museum of Art of Azerbaijan Chingiz Farzaliyev

On April 7, 2017 the title of Honorary Professor of V. Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute was awarded to Director of National Museum of Art of Azerbaijan Chingiz Farzaliyev.

The event can be named “out of the ordinary”. 50 years ago, in 1967 young Chingiz Farzaliyev was the student of the most prestigious art institutions, the history of which is more than 180 years. Two years ago on graduating from the university in 1975 the young artist became member of Artists' Union of the USSR. And now Honoured Art Worker of Azerbaijan, professor of Academy of Arts of Azerbaijan received Alma Mater recognition.

–       I am glad to return to the walls of native institute. – said Chingiz Farzaliyev on the end of the solemn ceremony.– The years of education there played the great role in my creative life. Fundamental education which I got in the native Surikov Institute helped me to busy myself with study of art. I am happy that I got education in such institute. It is said that in Academy even walls teach. Communication with my colleagues, at that time students, my teachers defined as I said before, all my future life. It is that “baggage” which is with me all these years.

Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Arts, Rector of Surikov Institute, Professor Anatoly Lubavin conferred on Chingiz Farzaliyev diploma of Honorary Professor of V. Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute.

–Friendship, respectful attitude for one another by means of the art pass on to our hearts, souls. And it is also very important. It goes without saying that art brings peace to all people, there is no need for translations, – said Anatoly Alexandrovich.

The ceremony was attended by chief editor of magazine “Tretyakov Gallery” Alexander Rojin. He expressed an opinion that Chingiz Farzaliyev made a major contribution to strengthening of cultural ties of Russia and Azerbaijan: “He is a brilliant artist. He got an excellent education. This enabled him to be occupied with study of art, to create as an artist. Undoubtedly, he is a gifted person”.

These words reflect brilliantly the work of Chingiz Farzaliyev– Service to art. This is a daily work in the field of education and popularization of national culture of his native land. This is a realization of many projects in which basic principle is the thought that art has no limits and its language is universal because it is clear in any country of the world. As the artist Chingiz Farzaliyev is capable to have a subtle perception of multiplicity of nuances which merge into the whole which is named– Fine Arts.

His printing works are devoted to art. Many of these works became teaching aid for art educational institutions. Chingiz Farzaliyev is the author of next fundamental editions: “All about still life”, “All about portrait”, “All about landscape”, “Anthology about painting of Azerbaijan”, “State Art Museum of Azerbaijan”, “Folk art of Azerbaijan”. Series of 36 books under the name «Sərvət» («Heritage»), devoted to 45 famous representatives of fine arts of XX century of Azerbaijan were prepared with his participation.

Vuqar Imammaliyev, counsellor of the Azerbaijani Embassy in Russia spoke on diploma award ceremony: « (ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Azerbaijan in Russia– n.) Polad Bulbuloghlu nominated as a candidate for the post of Director General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).Because of the departure connected with this nomination he asked to convey thanks to the rector, institute administration and the staff for high prize to our compatriot, outstanding artist, person who made a great contribution to the development of Azerbaijani Art».

As the head of National Museum of Art Chingiz Farzaliyev prepared and presented inimitable exhibition «Azerbaijani Art through millenniums». It represents phased development of fine arts on the territory of Azerbaijan. Preparations for the exhibition were comprehensive: many expeditions to regions of the Republic, establishment of relations with local museums and private collectors, thorough analysis and attribution of the exhibits. Chingiz Farzaliyev was the curator of many exhibitions. Among them were exhibitions devoted to the anniversaries of outstanding creative people of Azerbaijan and also exhibitions which represented world art and included collaboration with many world museums.

Active work of Chingiz Farzaliyev is noted with many titles: Honorary member of Art Academy of Russia, Honorary Professor of Art Academy of Uzbekistan, Honorary Doctor of Art Academy of Georgia, Honorary Professor of International Biographical Center of Cambridge University of Great Britain.

Chingiz Farzaliyev is holder of orders and awards among which are: prize “Outstanding person in Art” of International Biographical Center of Great Britain,

“The Great Order of Honour” before Austrian Republic, Presidential Order of Excellence of Georgia.

Chingiz Farzaliyev always notes that each title or award are the recognition of fruitful work of staff of National Museum of Art of Azerbaijan which he heads and the important step towards representation of Azerbaijani culture to all the world in order to make the native land closer to many people in various countries and education of citizens of Azerbaijan which gives many reasons to be proud for our country.


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