Anniversary Exhibition of Azerbaijani People's Artist Davud Kazimov

On 23th May, 2017 on the initiative of Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Azerbaijan National Museum of Art was held anniversary exhibition of People's Artist of Azerbaijan Davud Kazimov.

The event was opened by the director of the museum, professor Chingiz Farzaliyev. He gave information about anniversary exhibition of the artist and exhibited works.

The rector of the Azerbaijan State Academy of Arts Omar Eldarov told about the special manner of D.Kazimov in the national art, his many-sided creative work and timeless works of art.

People's Artist Salhab Mammadov told about valuable works of art which were painted in various genres.

Head secretary of Union of Artists, People's Artist Aghali Ibrahimov made a speech about contribution of famous artist Davud Kazimov in the development of fine art. The son of the artist Mehti Kazimov expressed his deep gratitude for organization of the exhibition.

At the exhibition were presented such works as “Mother”, “Harvest”, “Still life with dates”, “Violets”, “In the garden”, “Underground resources of the Caspian Sea”, from the cycles– “Spain”, “Bulgaria”; “Shahdagh”, “Goygol”,“Shamakhi road”, “Field flowers”, “Batabat”, “Absheron view”.

It should be noted that People`s Artist Davud Kazimov was born in 1926 in Baku, he graduated from Azerbaijan State Art School in 1945, took part in republican and all-USSR exhibitions from 1947. Became initially proficient in art in drawing study group of Young Pioneer Palaces, he continued his education in Azerbaijan State Art School in 1941-1945. Such great artists as K.Khanlarov, B.Mirzazadeh, A.Mamedov, L.Pridatok, A.Gorchakov, S.Bakhlulzadeh, M.Rahmanzadeh played an important role in creative formation of the artist.

Possessing a broad creative range Davud Kazimov made his mark in fine art as artist who used delicate colours, his works had elements of lyricism. The eminent artist was also famous as talented graphic artist.

Davud Kazimov reflected the beauty of nature of Azerbaijan, ethnographic peculiarities, customs and traditions of our nation, style of life of working people in his works. Along with intensive creative work and his rich art experience the artist helped in the development of skills of young people, made a major contribution in the development of national art school. In 1947-1966 years he got primary art education in Azerbaijan State art school and then he began pedagogical activity in M.A. Aliyev`s Azerbaijan State Institute of Art and Culture and Azerbaijan State Art Academy.

The creative work of Davud Kazimov is highly appreciated not only in our Republic, but also outside the country. The works of the master are kept in Germany, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Turkey and other countries.

Davud Kazimov passed away in 2015.


Closing ceremony of the exhibition "French art from the collection of Azerbaijan National Museum of Art"

On 19th May of 2017 within the framework of the 80th anniversary of Azerbaijan National Museum of Art was held the closing ceremony of the exhibition "French art from the collection of Azerbaijan National Museum of Art ". State, public and cultural figures took part in this event.

Director Chingiz Farzaliyev emphasized that French culture is an example for all cultures: "We were confident that the exhibition would gain popularity, but did not imagine that it would attract a great interest of art lovers. Exhibitions in our museum usually last for a month. Despite the fact that the exhibition "French art from the collection of the Azerbaijan National Museum of Art" has been lasting for the seventh month, there was still interest in it. Everything has an end. Today is the closing of the exhibition. There will be also held exhibitions of works from the museum collection dedicated to the culture of various peoples". Chingiz Farzaliyev emphasized that he planned to hold the next exhibition dedicated to Japanese culture. Exquisite works of art were attributed by Japanese specialists.

Ambassador of France to Azerbaijan Aurelia Bouchez noted that this exhibition is an indicator of friendship between the two peoples and the strengthening of cultural ties. As the ambassador of France, I feel a sense of pride for the art of my country represented in this temple of art. An important role in the organization of the exhibition played the fact that the director of the museum Chingiz Farzaliyev was the artist. We express our gratitude to him.

The concert of classical musical compositions of Azerbaijani and French composers by students of Baku Music Academy named after Uzeyir Hajibeyli under the guidance of professor of Baku Music Academy Leila Mammadaliyeva gave great joy.

It should be noted that the exhibition held with the support of the French oil and gas company Total was open for the art lovers from 26th November of 2016. The curator of the exhibition is the director of Azerbaijan National Museum of Art, Professor Chingiz Farzaliyev.


Unforgettable forgotten

World cultural community celebrates May 18 as International Museum Day. Museums included in ICOM Azerbaijan under the slogan “Museums and disputable history: talks about knotty problem” hold the number of events on the theme “repressions in 1920-1950s” this year.

On 18 May 2017 in connection with International Museum Day Azerbaijan National Museum of Art will hold the exhibition entitled “ Unforgettable forgotten”.

This project is devoted to victims of repressions, which were held by Soviet governance in the first half of XX century. Repression lives deep in the hearts and fortunes of nations and people lived in the period of terrible repressions of the Stalin era. It is known that during these years more than 100 thousand intellectuals , cultural and art workers, religious figures, scientists, writers, teachers lived in Azerbaijan were exiled in Siberia, Kazakhstan and other distant points of the USSR. They were exiled as “pan-islamist”, “pan-turkist”, “enemy of the people”. In 1930-1950s about 70 thousand people were arrested in Azerbaijan, 29 thousand were intellectuals among them.
Azerbaijani artists and their families became innocent victims of repressions. At the exhibition were represented works of art from the collection of Azerbaijan National Museum of Art made by the artists subjected to murders and exiles.

At the exhibition will be exhibited works of artists who subjected to exiles: Rzaguliyev Alakbar Alasgar oghlu (1903-1974), Hagverdiyev  Hasan Ali oghlu(1907-1978), victims of repressions because of  “anti-soviet activities” of their parents: Narimanbeyov Vidadi Yagub oghlu(1926-2001), Narimanbeyov Toghrul Farman oghlu(1930-2013), Sadigzadeh Ogtay Seyid Huseyn oghlu(1921-2014), Sadigzadeh Toghrul Seyid Huseyn oghlu(1926-1995), Salahov Tahir Teymur  oghlu(1928).In the frames of event will be given broad information about their vital activity.

At the event will be represented more than 70 pictorial and graphic works of the artists: A.Rzaguliyev “Alasgar in love”, “Shoed buffalo”, O.Sadigzadeh “Girls at a spring”, “Moonlit night”, T. Narimanbeyov “Mugham”, “Joy”,T.Salahov “ Tanks”, “ Morning trainload”,  H.Haqverdiyev “Spring”, “Two doves”, V.Narimanbeyov “ Reminiscence”, “On the way”,T. Sadigzadeh “Happiness”, H.Nazarov “Our mountains”, “Portrait of Mikayil Mushfiq”.
The event will be held on 18th May at 16:00 in Azerbaijan National Museum of Art at Niyazi 9/11.


Musical evening devoted to the 94th anniversary of national leader Heydar Aliyev

On May 4, 2017 musical evening devoted to the 94th anniversary of national leader Heydar Aliyev was held by Baku Choreography Academy and Azerbaijan National Museum of Art. Heydar Aliyev devoted attention to all cultural spheres. He made a valuable contribution to today's development of our music, theatre, film art, sculpture, painting and carpet weaving. In the years of governing the republic Heydar Aliyev made exclusive services for progress of culture and art and world recognition of Azerbaijan. The most attention and care was taken for the development of Azerbaijan music. Heydar Aliyev was connoisseur of national music of our nation and professional music art. World recognition of our national and professional music, high appreciation of creative work of composers, performers, musicologists, building of art houses, improvement of the material welfare, awarding with the titles of honour and medals and other peerless services are connected with the name of Heydar Aliyev. There was made speech about the life and activities of the great leader, love and for culture and art, high appreciation of art, his rich inner world. There was held concert programme consisting of world classic music specimens which was performed by professorial-teacher staff and masters of music in instrumental performance of Baku Choreography Academy.


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